Climate change & climate protection

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Technological changes

A key climate policy instrument is the promotion of CO2-free new technologies, notably renewable energies. We believe the insurance industry has a responsibility to identify and assess the risks in new technologies, and to work with our clients to offer risk transfer solutions tailored to their needs.

However, a challenge for insurers posed by new technologies is that there are no long-term statistics on loss experience, which is the most important factor for risk assessment. It is therefore important for risk carriers to monitor closely the development of new technologies even at the research stage and to combine entrepreneurial boldness with professional prudence to assume new risks.

In the last few years, this approach has enabled us to provide stimulus for market development with innovative covers, for example for the long-term performance of photovoltaic installations and the productivity of geothermal wells. Such risk transfer solutions make an important contribution to removing barriers to investment and increasing the attractiveness of new types of technology for investors and operators.

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