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Risk transfer solutions

Solar and wind parks, biogas and geothermics are still in the early stages as renewable sources of energy. Accordingly, it is still impossible to predict with any degree of certainty how reliable facilities are, how great the failure risk, or how constant energy production will be. For these reasons, we have supported for many years the commercialisation of renewable energies with innovative covers that reduce the risks for all parties involved, thus improving the security of investments.


Munich Re

For more than 20 years Munich Re has dealt with risk analysis and the specific properties of renewable energies. In recent years, we extended our competence in this business area for a better understanding of the particular risks in the context of renewable energies, e.g. partially unproven technologies, significant capital investments, guarantees for long life cycles, unclear outputs, etc. Munich Re works closely with clients to design tailored insurance solutions.

With Green Tech Solutions Corporate Insurance Partner pools unique expert resources and know-how from the area of renewable energies. These innovative solutions offer stakeholders all along the value chain of renewable energy technologies the requisite stability and security to master the challenge of the energy turnaround.



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