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Working at Munich Re

Highly qualified and motivated staff are key to the success of our business. And for a global company like Munich Re an international approach to human resources management is essential. Our corporate and leadership culture strongly geared to performance and business requirements has a major positive impact on the way our staff approach change, performance and training.

There are currently about 41,000 people working at Munich Re: around 12,000 in reinsurance and roughly 29,000 in primary insurance (figures from 31 December 2018). All of them contribute to our success through their skill, performance and dedication. That is why we are committed to investing in their development and provide all staff with equal opportunities and top-quality working conditions. We strive to recruit the best staff we can and equip them to deal with the global business of opportunities and risks.

Attractive employment opportunities
Munich Re offers professionals, university graduates, students and school-leavers attractive employment opportunities and career prospects. We are there to support our staff from day one. Together, we draft an individual induction plan designed to provide orientation and outline career goals. The same principle applies to all of our staff.

At home all over the world
The international nature of our operations and the wide variety of areas we cover are what make Munich Re such an interesting company to work for. Whether it is information technology, genetic engineering, aerospace, machinery construction or the FIFA World Cup, there is virtually no area of the economy or daily life in which Munich Re is not actively involved. Clients throughout the world put their trust in our financial strength and the competence of our staff.

Family and career are compatible
Flexible working hours are a key competitive factor and the hallmark of an attractive employer. Munich Re aims to actively balance company interests with the individual needs of our staff. Part-time schemes ensure optimum flexibility and help staff to combine family and career.

Equal treatment is firmly anchored in our Code of Conduct
In our human resources work, it is the people we concentrate on. We not only adapt to the current demands of the labour market but also understand how to meet the changing needs of our staff. Equal treatment is an inherent part of our corporate culture.

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