POC21: Munich Re relies on innovations from creative minds

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14 August 2015

POC21: Munich Re relies on innovations from creative minds

Munich Re is supporting the Franco-German initiative POC21 (proof of concept): In a professional cooperation and accompanied by various representatives from NGOs, research institutions and industry, 100 creative minds from all around the world will create innovative solutions for a climate-neutral and resource-efficient future.


Prior to the COP21 climate negotiations in Paris, the initiative is deemed both a complimentary and an alternative approach to the UN process which has been ongoing for over 20 years. The POC21 initiative sponsored as part of Munich Re’s corporate responsibility activities will take place south-west of Paris from 15 August until 20 September. Further cooperation partners in the sector of research, academia and sustainability are amongst others the Fraunhofer Institute, the BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt as well as the Universities of Bolzano, Dortmund and Potsdam and the Institute for Sustainable Development of Sciences Po University Paris. 

As a partner of POC21, Munich Re is also counting on experiencing new and interdisciplinary stimuli itself. “In our own innovation initiatives we want to bring in more ideas from outside the Group. POC21 offers us the chance to work directly together with young lateral thinkers and start-ups in a totally different format”, explains Thomas Bischof, who is responsible for Group strategy at Munich Re. “By way of return, there is an intensive transfer of Munich Re’s risk expertise on the topics of climate change and energy to the project”, Bischof continues. Munich Re experts from Geo Risks Research and the Green Tech Solutions unit are contributing knowledge on the topic of climate research and product and project consultancy in the form of reality checks to the project. “Whatever the results of the COP21 negotiations are, we need competitive technological alternatives in order to take a socially acceptable towards decarbonisation”, Ernst Rauch, Head of Munich Re’s Corporate Climate Centre, explains our active participation in the POC21 project. 

A further objective is to generate food for thought and suggestions on an interdisciplinary basis for internal processes and product developments. “By supporting POC21 we are creating opportunities to expand our networks in a scene distinguished by a particularly creative work culture and in an innovative platform for access to new ‘smart’ technologies”, Thomas Bischof adds.

The projects
The twelve projects selected in advance whose prototypes are to be developed into mass-market-ready offerings come from the energy, food, mobility, communication, recycling management and domestic sectors. After the camp it will be clear whether, for example, “Faircap”, the mobile water filter for plastic water bottles, the mobile solar station “Solar Rose”, or the “Bicitractor”, a pedal-powered mini-tractor tailored to ecological farming requirements, will set sustainable standards for the future.

The initiative aims to create concrete solutions. But for POC21 the path itself is also the goal – a camp with an innovative and creative atmosphere where the various dynamics and participants inspire one another.

List of all POC21 partners:

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