Munich Re of Malta joins afforestation campaign in a local recreation area

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14 April 2015

Munich Re of Malta joins afforestation campaign in a local recreation area

Staff members and their families from Munich Re of Malta plc have recently planted 200 trees for the fifth year running as part of the "34U" Afforestation Campaign on the Maltese Islands.

Malta is one of the most densely populated countries in the world. This has led to accelerated encroachment of the urban environment on rural areas and the natural environment. The vegetation cover over the Maltese Islands is rather sparse and has been drastically reduced over the years. By planting trees, the team of Munich Re of Malta has made a lasting contribution to the reforestation of the islands, to a better environment and the creation of greener and healthier recreation areas.
Peter Miehle, CEO of Munich Re of Malta plc, underlined the importance of corporate social responsibility for the company:  "As a company, we would like to show our gratitude to the country and people of Malta – we are proud to help embellish the environment with the trees we plant."

34U – Tree for you

By participating in the afforestation project, the team joined the Maltese government's 34U initiative. The afforestation programme allowed the staff, their families and friends to get on with the job at hand without having to deal with any major red tape. The objective of "34U – Tree for you" is to increase the number of trees in Malta and to raise environmental awareness in the local population. The Maltese ministry of the environment has guaranteed that the trees planted will be cared for properly.

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