DKV Seguros once again gains EMAS recognition from the European Commission

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6 February 2015

21 January 2015: DKV Seguros once again gains EMAS recognition from the European Commission for its improved environmental management

DKV Seguros again won the European Union's EMAS (Eco-Management and Audit Scheme) award in 2014, proving that it is continuing to improve its environmental work. With the EMAS, the EU supports companies and organisations of all sizes and in all industries in their efforts to achieve sustainable corporate leadership in the field of environmental management.

The world's most sophisticated system for sustainable environmental management EMAS encompasses:

  • the environmental audit of all relevant environmental aspects;
  • setting up an environmental management system on the basis of the environmental analysis;
  • the systematic, objective and regular evaluation of these systems;
  • the exchange of information about the results gained;
  • an open dialogue with the public and other interested groups;
  • active participation by the employees and suitable training.

The EMAS environmental statement is publicly accessible and is validated annually by a state-supervised, independent environmental verifier.

DKV has been an EMAS participant since 2011, and its new building is expected to be awarded the renowned LEED certification for building sustainability, as well as the ISO 21542 (accessibility), ISO 14001 (environmental management system) and ISO 50001 (energy efficiency) certifications.

DKV Seguros has been working on improving its environmental management processes continuously since 2008, for example at its new head office in Saragossa. This work includes energy-efficient buildings, frugal water consumption, the use of sustainable materials, sustainable mobility, CO2-neutrality and ethical project management.

DKV Seguros is a Munich Health company, and thus part of Munich Re Group. With its head office in Saragossa and almost 2000 offices all around Spain, it serves around two million policyholders. With 7.6 million policyholders, DKV Group is Europe's leading provider of private health insurance.

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