Shares held by members of the Board of Management

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Shares held by members of the Board of Management*

(Status: 3 June 2019)

*Including shares held by persons closely associated with them, within the meaning of Article 3, paragraph 1, item 26 of the EU Market Abuse Regulation, e.g. spouses, children entitled to maintenance, juridical persons.

Name Number of shares
Dr. Thomas Blunck 5,230
Nicholas Gartside 0
Dr. Doris Höpke 3,486
Dr. Torsten Jeworrek 3,563
Dr. Christoph Jurecka 3,400
Hermann Pohlchristoph 223
Dr. Markus Rieß 2,693
Dr. Peter Röder 7,232
Dr. Joachim Wenning 11,429

Some of the shares were acquired in connection with the mandatory investment of remuneration in shares. Details of this can be found under “Corporate Governance – Directors’ dealings”.

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