Curriculum vitae Nikolaus von Bomhard

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Nikolaus von Bomhard - Munich Re

Nikolaus von Bomhard

Chairman of the Board of Management of Munich Re.

Curriculum vitae

Dr. Nikolaus von Bomhard was born in Gunzenhausen in 1956.

He completed his law studies at the universities of Munich and Regensburg with a doctorate. He joined the Munich Re graduate trainee programme in 1985, and afterwards worked as an underwriter in the Operational Division: Fire/Treaty. In 1992 he was appointed Deputy Head of the Operational Division: Germany. In 1997 Mr. von Bomhard took on the task of building up and managing the Munich Re office in São Paulo, Brazil. In 2000 he was appointed to the Board of Management and from 2001 was responsible for the Europe 2/Latin America Division. He was appointed Chairman of the Board of Management with effect from 1 January 2004.

Mr. von Bomhard is responsible for Group Development, Group Investments, Group Communications, Group Compliance, Group Audit as well as Group Human Resources.

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