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    Munich Re is a knowledge-based Group that operates in a dynamic, rapidly changing business environment. Our success therefore depends on us having a diverse, highly qualified and innovative workforce with outstanding competence and leadership skills across the world. Our ability to innovate and our world-class expertise in all aspects of risk are the strengths our clients draw on. As leading providers of reinsurance, primary insurance and insurance-related risk solutions, we are able to offer sophisticated, high-quality solutions for universal, complex and new risk scenarios. This is especially true when it comes to topics of future relevance to global society, such as climate change, cyber risks, the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence. All of this is made possible by our people, who are at the heart of our Company. 

    Munich Re’s Ambition 2025 sets clear goals for what we want to achieve over the coming years

    Besides developing a skill-driven workforce with technical excellence, growing our talent and leadership culture in a digital environment is fundamental to the strategic areas described in our framework. Activities in this context are based on the philosophy of offering flexible formats that empower our people and ensure that they are firmly in the driver’s seat in terms of their own development. In all our business fields, strong talent development programmes systematically support employees in their careers and prepare them for future requirements. Continuous employee and talent development is key to achieving the strategic business goals described in Munich Re’s Ambition 2025. 

    Promoting diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI)

    Deeply embedded in our corporate culture, DEI is a key contributor to the success of our business. This value is reflected in our diversity targets, which are part of Munich Re’s Ambition 2025. The diverse backgrounds, experience and talents of our employees are among the most valuable assets for our future success. Different mentalities, ideas, ways of thinking, experience and knowledge are also essential to being an excellent partner for our clients.

    Our Group-wide  Diversity Policy  sets down the most important principles in this action field and forms the basis for overarching and comprehensive diversity management.  Our  activities focus on gender, age and internationality.

    of women in management positions at Munich Re Group worldwide
    As part of its Ambition 2025, Munich Re’s Board of Management decided on a new self-commitment to raise the number of female managers affecting all management positions globally to at least 40% by 2025.  In 2022, we achieved 38.5% globally and 28.8% in Germany. Overall, 52.5 % of our 41,389 employees in 2022 were women.

    Health and wellbeing

    As a responsible and sustainable employer, we constantly strive to improve physical and mental health and increase our high safety standards. Our Group-wide Health, Safety and Wellbeing Statement is based on four pillars:

    • Mental Health
    • Physical Health
    • Social Connectedness
    • Work Environment

    Munich Re offers its employees a wide range of models that provide flexibility in terms of working time and location. Bonuses, for example, can be converted into leave time in the form of short sabbaticals, allowing employees to take longer breaks from work. Longer sabbaticals are also possible. We offer a wide range of flexible working arrangements. In 2022, 97.3% of Munich Re’s employees were covered by guidelines formalising regular mobile working. Internal company agreements for individual locations and divisions allow for a well-balanced professional life. 

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