Behavioural modelling in insurance pricing

How do we factor in customers’ behaviour?

October 26
Online seminar, 9 a.m. (CEST)

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Duration: 60 minutes

General description

Projecting the cost of claims an insurer has to expect in the future founds the basis for a solid pricing of P&C portfolios. The result of this technical exercise are price changes which reflect a customers’ risk quite precisely. But how does an existing customer react to such price changes? And how do competitors prices influence a potential customer. This online seminar looks into the analytical possibility to model such aspects and reflects, how the respective models interact with models projecting cost of claims.


  • Overview of behavioural modelling
  • Modelling customers’ behaviour using machine learning (link to online seminar AI/ML)
  • Principles of competitive market analysis
  • How to implement technical results into business


Target group

  • Pricing department
  • Data Science / Analytics department


English – Professional business English skills required

Deadline for registration

25 October 2021