Enterprise Risk Management

Requirements, challenges and solutions

July 20 - July 23 2021
Munich Re, Munich, Germany

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General description

Risk Management has changed considerably over the past few years and now also covers emerging risks, new types of insurance solutions, changing market conditions and new types of client demands as well as ever-changing regulatory requirements. All of these aspects need to be considered in an insurance company’s strategy and in its implementation of the risk management framework to support the business strategy.

The Enterprise Risk Management workshop focuses on the latest regulatory trends, emerging risks and market changes with their challenges, as well as on industry-ready solutions. It also covers new topics impacting the insurance industry such as AI and cloud solutions and entails hands-on knowledge on dealing with IT Risk Management and cyber threats. The seminar is also a platform for the exchange of knowledge, insights and ideas. Expect a very diversified approach to risk management fundamentals and discussions about the challenges posed by different markets. The most important lessons to be learned are the first-hand experience of different markets and lines of business and the insights into Munich Re’s different approaches, with case studies of possible solutions. We tackle Enterprise Risk Management principles (quantitative and qualitative) and touch the benefits of ERM implementations for day-to-day business operations.


  • Relevant ERM components and new approaches to functions, models, systems, processes and controls
  • Measuring and managing qualitative as well as quantitative risks
  • Practicing and focusing on scenarios in the context of risk and business strategies
  • Challenging insurers’ business models in the light of relevant emerging risks
  • Evaluating current developments in the insurance industry
  • Hints on how to stay ahead of cyber risks
  • The Risk Manager in the context of digitisation – a forward-looking perspective
  • Emerging Risks associated to AI, cloud solutions and IT Risk Management

Our workshop serves as a platform for the exchange of views between participants in Risk Management positions. We will work with you in a number of workshops to produce realistic and relevant ERM solutions and discuss the latest developments from a business perspective.


Target group

Risk managers, CROs, CFOs and their colleagues – executives, experienced managers with quantitative or qualitative Enterprise Risk Management responsibilities.


English – Professional business English skills required


20 - 23 July 2021


Munich Re, Munich, Germany

Deadline for registration

30 April 2021