October 12 - October 13 2021
Munich Re training centre, Munich

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General description

Information Technology (IT) is one of the foundations of modern society, and governs the dynamics within it.

The growing use of IT in society and industry has major implications in all areas. Technologies like AI and ML are now used in virtually all industries and businesses to automate processes, improve overall performance and enhance cyber security. But the same technologies can also be exploited by cyber criminals and other threat actors. As a result, cyber attacks are increasing at an astonishing rate. The financial impact, even on well-protected companies, will be significant.

With regard to these high-speed developments, having up-to-date information on current underwriting trends is key in order to meet the increasing demand for appropriate insurance solutions. This seminar offers a detailed view of all trends with relevance to cyber underwriting: Participants will have the opportunity to discuss these trends with our experts, while security and service offerings complement the trend overview.


Focus topics:

  • Wording trends: coverage elements and shift in demand, exclusions, wording developments within certain industries and markets. etc.
  • Regulatory trends: worldwide trends in privacy regulation and their impact on cyber insurance. Keeping up with regulations from the risk owner´s perspective. Consequences for cyber insurance.
  • Cyber security trends: A look ahead at the cyber crimes of the future, supply chain risk, cyber warfare, new technologies, compliance and cyber security. Effects on cyber insurance.
  • Service provider trends: “Most wanted” services, service provider experiences, most important service areas with shift of focus (UW, data, claims).
  • Claims trends: increase in heavy losses, regulatory fines and expensive lawsuits. Trends in claims handling. How to handle claims data.


Target group

Experienced cyber underwriters and cyber sales experts who need to understand upcoming trends and have solid experience in cyber sales.


12 (01:00 pm) – 13 (4:00pm) October 2021

Please note that the first session on 12 October is a marketplace which is also visited by participants of the "Cyber sales success" seminar. Subsequently clients can decide to participate in both seminars (please also check our course level descriptions).


Munich Re training centre, Munich, Germany

Deadline for registration

31 July 2021