October 11 - October 12 2021
* Munich Re training centre, Munich

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General description

Information Technology (IT) is one of the foundations of modern society and governs the dynamics within it.

The growing use of IT in society and industry has major implications in all areas. The increasingly sophisticated means of collecting, processing and storing data influence our work and personal lives. At the same time, the new technologies establish new standards in industry, trade, traffic and transport, the supply of energy and raw materials, and many other sectors.

Cyber attacks are increasing at an astonishing rate. The financial impact, even on well-protected companies, will be very significant. As a result, there is a growing demand for cyber insurance.

Target of the seminar:
This seminar focuses on cyber sales aspects and related challenges. Participants learn how to discuss cyber products and other relevant aspects in sales situations. They will acquire the level of detailed knowledge needed to conduct competent sales talks on cyber business. Specific case studies will provide an opportunity for participants to simulate cyber sales talks.


Cyber sales framework with focus on SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises):

  • Role of cyber insurance in the world of cyber perils
  • Relevant questions & answers for the sales force
  • Cyber claim examples
  • Cyber claim with and without cyber insurance coverage
  • Cyber case studies
  • Cyber sales performance index
  • Cyber sales support from Munich Re


Target group

Cyber sales agents (core)
Cyber support (core)
Cyber product specialists and underwriters involved in sales activities


27 (11:30 am) – 28 October 2021 (04:00 pm)*
*Please note that the afternoon session on 28 October is a marketplace which is also visited by participants of the "Cyber Underwriting Trends" seminar. Subsequently clients can decide to participate in both seminars (please check also our course level descriptions).  


Munich Re training centre, Munich, Germany

Deadline for registration

31 July 2021