COVID-19 vaccine as precious cargo

Transportation enables vaccination: Challenges and opportunities in meeting unprecedented logistical needs

April 21 - April 21 2021
Online seminar, 8.00 a.m. (CEST) - targeted to APAC region (see timezone)

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Duration: 90 minutes

General description

Development and testing of a vaccine and therapeutics for COVID-19 is moving at a frenetic pace. Although unknown when, it is clear that in the foreseeable future a fully-approved vaccine will need to be shipped in unprecedented volumes and under very special transportation requirements. It is also foreseeable that it will take thousands of flights and – not unlikely – ocean transportation to forward billions of doses around the world and all – as expected by society – within a short time.

Cargo insurance will play a critical role in managing many risks encountered throughout the vaccine’s transport, storage and distribution. When one considers the infrastructure required to ship billions of doses around the world, this could be one of the biggest logistical challenges in modern history – but at a time when the shipping/transportation industry itself is affected by COVID-19. Pharma shipments such as vaccines present a number of unique underwriting challenges, including: 

  • High valuations
  • Time and temperature sensitivities
  • Careful packaging and handling requirements
  • High theft exposure


This webinar highlights the challenges for the shipment of COVID-19 vaccinations along the supply chain and the available insurance solutions. Our experts will consider the conventional transportation and storage risks during the shipment combined with a view on the current limitations of new digital innovations along the supply chain which might help to further enhance the shipment of such precious goods to eliminate material pain points for several of the stakeholders in the future.


Target group

Underwriters, reinsurance managers, claims managers involved with cargo insurance.


English - professional business English skills required

Deadline for registration

20 April 2021