State of climate-related science, regulation, reporting

A reinsurance perspective on liability and transition risks

October 14
Online seminar, 3.30 p.m. (CEST)

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Duration: 75 minutes

General description

New scientific findings, political decisions and regulatory requirements in connection with climate change are leading to increasing demands, especially on the insurance industry.

This seminar focuses on climate-related liability and transition risks, both today and with a view to potential future developments. In turn, this places special demands on risk management and climate reporting. 


  • Latest developments in the climate science, regulatory and political landscapes and their impact on the insurance industry
  • Scope and dimension of current climate-related liability risks and potential future developments
  • Scope and dimension of transition risks and their implications on the liabilities of the insurance industry 
  • Overview and essential aspects of sustainability and climate-related reporting and disclosure 


Target group

Sustainability managers, risk managers, strategists


English – Professional business English skills required

Registration process

Are you interested in participating? For webinar registration, please contact your client manager or underwriter responsible. Once your inquiry has been accepted, you will receive an official registration form for enrollment.

Deadline for registration

13 October 2021