Advanced Reinsurance – cancelled

Bespoke reinsurance solutions for protection and development

May 25 - May 29 2020
Munich Re training centre, Munich

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General description

Demands and expectations in reinsurance are increasing beyond its traditional functions of protecting balance sheets and steering exposure. That’s why scope and design of reinsurance has become wider than ever before. Tailor-made solutions covering primary insurers’ individual needs and goals are a core competency of Munich Re based on our holistic understanding of the different metrics affected by reinsurance.

Within this five-day seminar we cover various topics, from classic elements like solid pricing approaches to selected forms of modern risk-sharing between insurers and reinsurers, in light of today’s challenges –and opportunities. To name some: Cyber with its business opportunities and potential effects from reinsured portfolios and subsequently the design of reinsurance protection. Nat cat protection is seeing increased exposures due to climate change while still significant protection gaps exist. IFRS17 is putting new demands and challenges to the industry and the impact of digitalisation and data analytics is constantly growing in order to remain competitive.


Reinsurance technique:

  • Forms and functions of reinsurance: Cross-line, including systems of cover such as underwriting year, occurrence year, calendar year, and accounting modes
  • Reinsurance pricing in casualty and property
  • Characteristics of marine reinsurance (summary; not offshore energy)
  • Nat cat risk management


  • IFRS17:
    • Different accounting treatment of IFRS 17 compared to IFRS 4
    • Discussion on certain reinsurance forms or structures and whether restructuring of a reinsurance programme might be useful
    • Specific topics: “deposit retained”, retroactive reinsurance, risk transfer

Participants are encouraged to submit IFRS 17 topics or questions in advance and we will –anonymously –discuss them at the seminar.

  • Solvency II: practical implications

Reinsurance instruments:

  • Non-traditional risk transfer solutions
  • Capital markets, ILS, sidecars, traditional retrocessions
  • Retroactive reinsurance: An introduction to a powerful capital management tool

New opportunities:

  • Data analytics: Opportunities, limits and examples. Exchange about experiences in the participant group
  • Cyber: Impact on and solutions using reinsurance. Threats, opportunities, mitigation, and trends, from a global perspective

Claims: The moment of truth – reassuring claims power during large losses and natcat events


Target group

Insurance professionals with at least 5 years’ experience in reinsurance buying, who are facing the challenge of designing and placing up-to-date reinsurance protection, working cross-line or on financial statements.

Participants should note that the seminar will not limit reinsurance content to one specific line of business, but discuss property, casualty and – to a lesser extent – marine.


Participants must be familiar with the basic functions of traditional proportional (quota, surplus) and non-proportional (working/Cat-XL) forms of cover.


English – Professional business English skills required


25 – 29 May 2020


Munich Re training centre, Munich, Germany

Deadline for registration

28 February 2020
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