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Responsible employer

Highly qualified, efficient managers and employees are the foundation of our corporate success. As a global financial services provider, we depend on their expertise, dedication and commitment to innovation. Continuous training and talent development play a key role in this context. At the same time, we promote diversity and equal opportunities as strategic factors for the success of Munich Re (Group).

For our more than 39,600 employees, we create attractive working conditions that offer personal development opportunities, strengthen independence and reward individual performance. We attach particular importance to a corporate culture based on responsible and respectful interaction with each other. Promoting the well-being of the employees and a healthy balance between family and work is a substantial component of all our activities as an employer.

Our targets in the employees area of action

Specific needs-based further training of all employees, in particular in the area of digitalisation
The identification and development of leadership potential – where possible from within the Group itself
> 40%
A Group-wide increase of women in all managerial positions globally to at least 40% by the end of 2025
The promotion of diversity as a strategic Munich Re Group success factor
The gradual expansion of health promotion programmes
This  section provides information on the many different measures we use to meet our own specifications. You can find additional information and examples for primary insurance, reinsurance and MEAG in the respective career portals of Munich Re, ERGO and  MEAG.

Promoting diversity and equal opportunities

The different mindsets, cultures and values of our staff are key to the success of Munich Re and the achievement of our strategic corporate goals. For this reason, we want to continue promoting diversity and equal opportunities in the Group.

Our Group-wide Diversity Policy sets down the most important principles in this action field and forms the basis for overarching and comprehensive diversity management. The criteria of gender, age and internationality are decisive for our activities.

proportion of women in management positions at Munich Re Group worldwide

As part of its Ambition 2025, Munich Re’s Board of Management decided on a new self-commitment to raise the number of female managers affecting all management positions globally to at least 40% by 2025. In 2020, we achieved 35% globally and 26% in Germany.  Overall, 52.9 % of our 39,642 employees in 2020 were women.

For the diversity criterion “Age”, the focus is on our health promotion and lifelong learning provision, which is accompanied by a flexible working-hours model and an employee assistance programme.

of the participants in the 2020 “Hydrogen” reinsurance talent programme hailed from international backgrounds

We aim to achieve “internationality” with well-balanced teams and assignments to key functions. At the same time, we promote the development of international expertise by transferring employees to temporary positions all around the world, and through development programmes. As a result, 82% of the participants in the 2020 “Hydrogen” reinsurance talent programme hailed from international backgrounds. 

ERGO designed a global initiative on the occasion of the “World Day for Cultural Diversity” in 2020. At the event, a digital diversity map was implemented, which offers insights into a wide range of local diversity activities – and this included 53 videos from our companies globally. 23 companies from 17 countries participated in this exciting initiative.

Improving work-life balance

Work-life balance is of particular significance for many employees in certain situations in their lives. For this reason, we have set up internal company agreements for individual locations and divisions allowing a better balance between private and professional life.
Assistance to families
Among other things, in Germany the Group offers services such as childcare in affiliated nursery facilities, an allowance in the case of privately organised childcare, parent-child office spaces, family services, holiday care services and support in caring for family members.
Flexible Working concept
Bonuses, for example, can be converted into leave time in the form of short sabbaticals to allow employees to benefit from longer periods away from work. Longer sabbaticals are also possible. In consultation with their line managers, the specific working days and working hours per week can be flexibly defined. These models are digitally supported, thus making it possible to work en route or at home.
Retain our employees after parental leave
With training courses, ERGO’s parenting network, and flexible working hours models for parents, we aim to make it easier to return to work following a break from professional life.

Healthcare promotion for our employees

Munich Re (Group) support for employee healthcare by far exceeds the statutory requirements. At its Munich site, for example, not only are medical care, preventative measures, sports and relaxation programmes offered, but also individual measures for the reintegration of employees following a longer illness-related break from work, and healthcare counselling services.

To promote the mental well-being of our employees, we also offer expert counselling at several locations in Germany to help employee deal with difficulties at work or at home. In addition, the reinsurance group in Munich cooperates with the Fürstenberg Institute to offer an Employee Assistance Programme (EAP). 

Munich Re attaches particular importance to the improvement of the working conditions for disabled persons. The most important measures include short distances from the garage to the workplace, special-needs-friendly and requirement-based workplace design and equipment, not to mention safe and comfortable lifts. DKV Seguros and ERGO Hestia specifically focus on recruiting disabled employees for suitable positions to promote their long-term integration into the labour market.

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