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Options for school leavers in Germany

Soon school will be over for the very last time. Are you ready for something new and exciting? Join one of our three school-leaver options and work alongside international risk experts.

Find options for school leavers

Discover our exciting programs for school leavers

Your school days are coming to an end and you’re excited about your career? Discover the fascinating world of insurance and reinsurance. We offer in-depth training programmes that cultivates both your personal and professional competencies.

Whether you're interested in vocational training or want to combine professional training as a reinsurance specialist with a master’s degree in business science – or business mathematics – our head office in Munich offers plenty of options.

Not sure if working in insurance is for you? You’re right to be – your first step in your career is crucial. Find out why insurance fascinates us: Join us as a try-and-see summer intern while still in school.

What’s in it for you?

Experience innovation
Work in a company, where innovation is the driving force behind pioneering solutions, from digitalisation to cyber security.
Be appreciated
Our employees are Munich Re’s most valuable assets. This is why we offer market-competitive remuneration, flexible working hours and great networking opportunities.
Benefit from our hands-on approach
At Munich Re we encourage you to take ownership. We will challenge you and give you opportunities to work on exciting projects. You will work on your own as well as in a team as you get to know departments across Munich Re.
Munich Re provides support. Not just as a product, but in professional training as well.
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Apprentice in the Train-and-Study Programme

Vocational training – Take the hands-on approach to starting your career

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Qualified insurance and finance practitioners specialising in reinsurance serve clients around the world. As one of the world’s leading reinsurers, we give you a perfect start into the profession – as an apprentice at Munich Re you prepare for a challenging career in a field where you can make an impact, collaborate on international projects and gain insight into a wide variety of topics and fields. Our vocational training caters to school leavers with excellent proficiency in German.



Train-and-study programme – Get your degree and vocational training in one go

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You are a high achiever graduating from German high school with a qualification for university entrance but like to take a hands-on approach? Challenge yourself with our train-and-study programme – it combines vocational training on the job, also called apprenticeship, with studying for both a bachelor’s and master’s degree.  



Summer internship for pupils – Get a 2-week taste of reinsurance

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Curious what reinsurers really do? If you’re still in school but are already exploring your options, join our German-language summer programme as a try-and-see intern for a work experience. Seize the opportunity – and figure out your future.



Your selection processes

If your application meets the programme’s requirements, we will invite you to a 3-hour written exam, followed by single session at our assessment centre, at our Munich headquarters. Candidates who pass this exam and assessment move on to the next round – an in-depth interview at the Munich headquarters.

Candidates for our train-and-study programme need to pass the test in Mathematics at the University of the Federal Armed Forces in Munich-Neubiberg, Germany (Universität der Bundeswehr) before joining the dean of the finance and insurance faculty for an interview.

First impressions count. Your cover letter is an opportunity to show us the person behind grades, dates and numbers! 

  1. Is your cover letter informative? Does your letter show why you are applying and why you are interested in working at Munich Re?  
  2. Does your cover letter say what makes you a great choice? A strong cover letter is all about finding the right tone but do not want you to make yourself sound better than you are. We look for authenticity. Writing something like “I always wanted to learn this trade and I am very interested in numbers” is not helpful if your marks in maths are merely average to poor. In such case, why not explain why you consider yourself suitable for the job?   
  3. Phrase your letter in a way that makes it an interesting – or, even enjoyable – read for outsiders. This is a great opportunity to demonstrate your proper use of language. Not sure about your writing? Have a friend, your parents or a teacher read the letter and ask, “Does this letter describe me in an interesting manner?”  
  4. Have you signed the completed letter – along with your curriculum vitae?
  1. Do your documents comply with all formal criteria – appealing overall design, no dog-ears, no staples, no signs of manual edits, and so on.
  2. Have you included all documents required – cover letter, curriculum vitae, and all credentials.
  3. Are all elements of your letter correct – spelling of names, address, salutation, job designation?
  4. Is the letter interesting, authentic and meaningful? 
  5. Has someone proofread the application?
  • We select strong candidates from the applications that meet programme requirements to take a 3-hour written exam at our Munich headquarters.
  • You don’t have to prepare for the written exam. Questions covers a variety of areas, such as mathematics, English, geography, and German grammar. Just make sure you get enough sleep the night before and bring your optimism. We don’t expect you to do anything superhuman.
  • Candidates who pass this written exam move on to the next round – an in-depth interview at the Munich headquarters

Once you have passed the written exam, it’s to prepare for the interview.

  • Ask yourself: What impression do I want to make? Take stock what it takes to support this impression.
  • Look up Munich Re and its business online.
  • Learn about the profile of the job you want to train for. 
  • Read newspapers and follow current events.
  • Consider carefully why you want to learn this trade and wish to do so at Munich Re.
  • Dress in keeping with the Munich Re image, without abandoning your own personality. There are attractive business clothes for both you and your age. Think about questions you want to ask about Munich Re and the job. Write your questions down and bring them with you to the interview. 

Are we a match?

Every year, bright school leavers join our programmes to boost their career prospects. Join us and secure a place in one of the leading reinsurance companies in the world 

Want to know more?

Curious about our school leaver programs? Or, you have a specific question about applying at Munich Re? Contact us. We’re happy to answer questions and provide the information you need.

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