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Our staff are critical to our business success. We reward our people with attractive remuneration, benefits, exciting work and development opportunities, and an environment that demonstrates how much we value your expertise and capabilities.

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Remuneration and benefits

Our multi-faceted remuneration package is based on three pillars. The financial components ensure that you are appropriately rewarded for your performance and that you are provided for in retirement. We also use a range of benefits to try and create a pleasant working environment in which you can best develop your capabilities. At the same time, we give you the flexibility to strike the right balance during the most important stages of your life. 

Attractive rewards and security

For us, it goes without saying that you should be appropriately rewarded for your high level of commitment, which is why we offer you a competitive salary and special payments over and beyond the regulations of the collective agreement (Tarifvertrag). 

Variable remuneration components also enable you to share in the Company’s success. And of course, we ensure that you are provided for in retirement.  

Our in-house pension plan gives you access to the income opportunities in capital markets with the help of an insurance product. 

Employee-friendly working environment

Our day-to-day work presents many challenges. We therefore believe it is important to offer you a pleasant working environment. That’s why our rules on working hours and holiday entitlements are more favourable than the pay-scale agreements. All of our offices in Munich are located centrally with excellent public-transport connections, and our staff there have been enjoying free lunches at our three canteens for over 120 years. The company medical centre is available for check-ups and medical care in the event of illness or accident. You can also stay free-of-charge at our company holiday residence near Schliersee (a lake near Munich). 

Flexibility for the most important stages in life

Our business environment is in the throes of change, but our lives at home can also change quickly. We offer a range of possibilities that offer you the flexibility you need to accommodate these changes. 

For example, flexible working hours and mobile working are generally possible. We also offer attractive part-time models and opportunities to take longer leaves of absence. We guarantee that you can return to your previous job for 12 months after commencing parental leave, so that you can settle smoothly into your normal workday again. In addition, we can help you find suitable childcare and have various childcare options available. We also have external partners available free-of-charge at any time day or night to provide support in difficult personal and work situations. 

Are you the right person for us?

We are always looking for committed people that are eager to take on new tasks in the rapidly changing global insurance industry with using their ideas, expertise and passion.

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