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Claims managers deliver on our promise

Are you looking to make a difference and challenge yourself? Managing claims is about more than settling. It’s laying the groundwork for rebuilding after disaster strikes.

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Claims managers settle claims and ensure the adequacy of catastrophe loss reserve

After a risk realises, claims managers stand at the focal point of proceedings, balancing a wide range of diverse tasks – and, more importantly, needs. They not only assess the scope and complexity of claims but also determine our legal obligation to indemnify a claim. Analysing policy wording and coverage, they work closely with our underwriters, client managers and lawyers around the world. Inspecting causes, estimating loss with the help of loss adjusters and experts in the field and on-site loss inspections are also all in a full day’s work. 

As excellent negotiators, communicators – and occasionally, mediators – claim managers discuss cover and liability issues directly with the primary-insurance client. Coordinating the interest of all parties within the scope of coverage and principle can put claims managers in a position where they lend strategic support to the clients’ negotiations with injured parties. 

One of the core functions of our claims managers is to protect our balance sheet. This includes exploring potential loss-minimization measures that benefit all concerned. They estimate our exposure and set up reasonable and adequate reserve in catastrophe events.

What we look for in claims managers

Analytical, detail-minded and solution-oriented
Good team worker; excellent communication and interpersonal skills
Proactive customer-oriented mindset

Meet our people

Donna: Negotiator, researcher, investigator, communicator, strategist and decision-maker: Managing claims in reinsurance is a balancing act

Donna joined Munich Re in an entry-level position, equipped with a bachelor's in engineering and a master's in management. She completed her PhD in Insurance at Munich Re.
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Donna, Munich Re Greater China, Beijing, Head of Claims

Donna’s desk is always packed with outliers and large complex claims. To manage them successfully, she is constantly expanding her know-how in areas like insurance, engineering, power plant construction, or legal. In complex cases, Donna is in the lead and, at times, takes on the role of a project manager to control progress and allocate resources. Depending on the claim, her responsibilities are comparable to those of a C-level executive in a mid-size company.

Serving in a leadership role, Donna’s works hand in hand with underwriters, client managers, loss adjusters, and lawyers to advise clients on legal and technical issues in reinsurance. Knowledge is power, and every claim helps us understand more about the risks we take on – Donna contributes to expanding our knowledge and continuously passes on her claims experience to the global team.

Internal communication and team management
Handling outliers and complex large claims, and delivering service to clients
Business travels
At Munich Re, there are top experts all around you. To solve risk accumulation and automatic NatCat quotation, geographers and underwriters work on risk maps. IT architects use remote sensing, image processing, big data and AI to improve loss assessment and claims efficiency.
Munich Re Greater China, Beijing
Head of Claims, Greater China

Disasters you see in nation-wide – or even global – news quite often land on my desk. Handling them is exciting. We have powerful technology to support us. But even for highly complex claims we can’t rely on technology alone. It takes a human perspective to leave everyone satisfied while minimising loss. Mastering this challenge is a fulfilling experience. 

I handled a complex fire claim with 50+ parties, which included semi-official institutions and investors. Negotiations hit a deadlock. I tried to understand individuals’ needs and pain points and helped our clients achieve rapid restoration at less cost. The regulator named our case one of their Annual top 10 classic claims, and the client even thanked the reinsurer on social media. 

Claims managers in my team spend about 70% of their time handling claims, which includes site survey, negotiation as well as calls and meetings with clients. They put 20% to client services, such as workshops and seminars. Traveling for business takes up about 10% of their time. 

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