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Client Management

The Client Management Department is the Client's first point of contact and provides comprehensive reinsurance consultancy and support while identifying the most suitable solutions to resolve industry-specific reinsurance issues and determining the most suitable reinsurance structure through in-depth analysis of the entire insurance portfolio, in collaboration with the Client and the Technical Departments.

Our services are not restricted to traditional solutions but also include research into innovative solutions, designed to make the most of the opportunities that a rapidly-developing market, such as the Italian market, has to offer and to allow our Clients to reap maximum benefits.

Solvency II

Munich Re, Italy provides its clients with a consulting service on Solvency I and II. Our company wants to share its know how with insurers so as to identify the best strategy for facing the future challenges that Solvency II will bring. A specific task force was created at the Milan office, that is also supported by the parent company through the Solvency Consulting department, which is equipped to offer the maximum support in developing internal models for risk evaluation and portfolio management, thus creating significant added value. Our principal goal is to provide a customized reinsurance solution, in order to offer our clients a practical way to face Solvency II.


Thanks to our technical expertise and experience in the casualty sector we offer both treaty and facultative reinsurance solutions; our product range is completed by consulting services, customized support in developing new insurance products, risk assessment tools and specialized training courses targeted both toward underwriters and the sales network.

Our lines of business include the following:

  • General TPL
  • Professional TPL
  • Directors & Officers (D&O)
  • Accidents
  • Motor TPL
  • Motor Material Damage

Property and Bond



Drawing from our direct expertise and that of over 20 teams spread around the world, we can offer global experience in diverse areas of claims management for all lines of business. We can thus contribute to the range of solutions in the insurance and reinsurance field, as concerns technical and legal issues, through specific meetings and/or conferences and the support of our international network of sector experts who avail themselves of all the most modern methodologies for preventing and mitigating claims.

Studies and publications in the field of risks and related claims provide our clients with elements that can contribute to enhancing underwriting capabilities and the creation of new products. Further information is available at the following site:

Public-private partnership solutions: natural disasters

In Italy, where a NatCat Pool doesn’t exist, we are active in the market's awareness towards public-private partnerships and making reinsurance coverage concepts available. In the meantime, we frequently start discussions on this topic and present possible solutions (examples of policies and tariffs) during meetings with important players on the insurance market, both by organizing conferences and through the participation of our experts in third-party events. For specific cases we develop complex coverage for natural catastrophes in collaboration with our underwriters and actuaries.