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The modules for success

The International Graduate Trainee Programme - modules for success - Munich Re

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The programme will begin in one of our business units at your home location, where during a period of 20 months you will thoroughly learn the ropes on the job and support your experienced colleagues in projects and their day-to-day work.

Three two week training modules will provide you with the opportunity to meet trainees from all over the world and acquire professional reinsurance know-how at the same time. You will be able to hone your communication and negotiating skills and other soft skills. Your off-the-job training will involve various learning forms and methods, ranging from presentations, case studies, workshops and training measures to e-learning courses. On top of all this, you will build up a network within our organisation and get to know your colleagues better.

Furthermore, you will be assigned to a business unit in our international organisation for a period of three months, which will enable you to better understand our international business, gain new perspectives and prepare you in the best possible way for cooperation across international borders.

Depending on your country and business unit, we will offer you local modules to round off the programme. These include getting to know other departments at the relevant site or attending additional seminars. We will assist you as required in learning a foreign language or receiving additional occupational training, for instance for becoming a chartered financial analyst (CFA), executive master of insurance (EMI) or an actuary.

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