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Combined professional training/study - Munich Re

“It’s really fun!”

Dr. Christian Bartsch is a member of the International Graduate Trainee Programme at Munich Re, Munich. After graduating in mathematics, Christian did his doctorate at Munich Technical University and joined the international trainee programme at Munich Re in June 2013. His focus lies in underwriting reinsurance agreements for the coverage of natural catastrophes.

Particularly impressive at Munich Re are the interdisciplinary diversity, the international orientation and the complexity and significance of reinsurance products for the economy. The internationality and interdisciplinary diversity is very apparent especially among the trainees, and highly enriching, both personally and professionally. Especially at the two-week GRID-modules in Munich and Princeton we learned a lot about the company while also making contacts with trainees from all over the world.

I currently work in a team that is responsible for the underwriting in the Japanese and Indian market. We structure and price reinsurance agreements for covering natural catastrophes such as earthquakes and tropical cyclones − this also includes the hazard analysis of such phenomena. Of course, these kinds of natural catastrophe are not the same everywhere in the world, so it is good for a reinsurance company like Munich Re to have a global structure and cover many different types of risks. This worldwide interconnection of the most varied of individual risks ensures and enables insurance cover for all policyholders. I find that really fascinating!

People looking to start as a trainee should definitely bring with them a good basis from their university studies and a strong cultural interest. If you are also willing to occupy yourself with ever changing and unfamiliar issues, Munich Re’s trainee programme is a highly attractive and flexible way of entering a large international company that is incredibly stimulating, both culturally and professionally. And, most important of all: It’s really fun!

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