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"We make change calculable"

Norman Ducoffre completed an internship and subsequently wrote his thesis at Munich Re. Today, he advises customers on topics such as the new supervisory directive Solvency II.

“Being in direct contact with clients is what I find most fascinating about the reinsurance business. At workshops, presentations and meetings with our globally active clients, I am able to make good use of what I learned at Munich Re. Considering circumstances from a variety of angles and taking an “out of the box” approach instead of a conventional one is exactly what is necessary for the complex objectives we pursue.

“While completing my degree in business administration, I became fascinated with the world of reinsurance as an intern. After all, the colourful combination of insurance business management, mathematics and IT makes for exciting everyday work full of variety. Another advantage was the opportunity to collaborate with so many international clients where team work is paramount. While one has to make appointments during office hours at the university in order to be properly informed, at Munich Re all of my colleagues supported me from the very beginning. So it made sense to also write my thesis here at Munich Re. The ReMember programme was an immense help to my further career path. It gives members a unique opportunity to establish networks, get to know other people and experience new things.

“Today, I work in the Solvency Consulting team, a brand-new task area which has been established because the new European supervisory directive Solvency II is scheduled to come into force beginning in 2014. It will require companies to maintain a higher level of capital. We are working together with our clients to develop solutions for implementing these requirements as effectively as possible. By taking a very hands-on approach on-site, we develop ideas in workshops, review specific arithmetical examples and provide information on current changes to legislation. After all, our business is always moving.”

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