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Getting ready for your career

Vocational training

We prepare you for the demands of the reinsurance business. After all, as a qualified insurance and finance practitioner focusing on reinsurance matters, you will be serving clients from around the world once you have completed your vocational training. That explains why you are absolutely prepared for these tasks.

Vocational training participants with advanced-level credentials of education or commercial secondary school will need two years of training, those with general credentials of secondary education will need two and a half years. The training venue is Munich. All vocational training participants first attend an introductory course of several weeks, and mentors, who are second-year trainees, provide additional support to ensure smooth and efficient entry into professional life at Munich Re. This allows you to focus entirely on the content of the training programmes. Vocational training participants are taught the theory and practice of primary insurance in a bilingual vocational school class and during their three-week period at a primary insurer.

You will learn about reinsurance, our core business, in a hands-on day-to-day context as you cooperate with colleagues in different division units. There, you will be assigned your own tasks, which you will be responsible for after an appropriate familiarisation period. We support you with your own trainer, theory training sessions, language courses and seminars that help you further develop your knowledge and personality. Our numerous professional seminars also give you the chance to develop your own network of colleagues from the very beginning of training.

What you will need to handle the challenges of the reinsurance business

There is no question that working on demanding thematic areas in an international environment confronts you with unique challenges. You will need a high level of commitment, an independent work ethic and plenty of team spirit to master these challenges. An excellent intermediate general or advanced-level credentials of education (including technical secondary school), a sound understanding of mathematics, good written and spoken communication skills – also in English – are also a must. Furthermore, vocational training participants must be self-assured, well-mannered and have an interest in international economic affairs.

Would you like to join us in making the future insurable? Then learn more about us and what we offer or apply directly via our job market.

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