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Combined professional training/study - Munich Re

Degree and vocational training in one

Combined professional training/study

As a highly ambitious school leaver with advanced-level credentials of education, you have the opportunity to test your skills in our combined professional training/study and vocational training programme. Parallel to the classical vocational training to become a qualified insurance and finance practitioner (focus on reinsurance) you will complete a bachelor’s and master’s course of study in economics and business organisation at the Universität der Bundeswehr (University of the Federal Armed Forces) in Munich-Neubiberg.

After two and a half years, you will complete your Chamber of Commerce and Industry qualification and receive your bachelor’s degree parallel to this after three years. The university study programme culminates with your Master of Science degree after only four and a half years. You complete your scholastic training in small project groups at the Berufsbildungswerk der Deutschen Versicherungswirtschaft e.V. (BWV, German Insurance Association for Vocational Training). Furthermore, after completing your bachelor’s degree, you will also gather valuable international experiences for six months at one of our more than 50 international locations.

During the vocational training phase, that is during the first two and a half years, additional parallel training courses are offered frequently (e.g. three days per week at the company and two days at the university). Phases lasting several months spent exclusively at the company or the university follow after completion of the vocational training.

Studying at the University of the Federal Armed Forces (UniBW) offers the unique advantage that project-based learning and active collaboration is both encouraged and required from the very beginning. As a result, your programme of study perfectly prepares you for everyday work at Munich Re.

What do I need for the combined professional training/study programme (AIS)?

Combining a complex master's programme with vocational training is a very demanding task. For this reason, we expect above-average commitment and initiative from our AIS students, not to mention a high level of self-motivation and team spirit. You will need a university qualification grade of 2.0 or better. Mathematics and English should be your special strengths. If you have completed advanced-level mathematics, economics or business management and possibly English, you will have a distinct advantage. Very good manners are a prerequisite.

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