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Application process

Our selection procedure

How to apply for vocational training or the AIS?

Please apply by sending us your complete documents approximately one year before the desired start of training. Applications are accepted from August of the year prior to February of the vocational training year. Please include an informative cover letter, your curriculum vitae in tabular form and copies of your last three school credentials as well as any credentials confirming internships or a scholastic stay abroad. Please apply via the call for applications on our online job market.

What happens after you apply?

What happens now that you have sent us your informative application documents? If the outcome is positive, you will be invited to attend an approximately three-hour written selection procedure on our premises. If you pass the written exam, you will be invited to a detailed interview – likewise on our premises in Munich.

AIS candidates must also pass a maths test at the Universität der Bundeswehr (UniBW, University of the Federal Armed Forces) and attend an interview with the Dean.

For a successful application

First impressions count, so bear this in mind for your online application. Pay attention to the optical appearance of your application; it should be free of
dog-ears, staples, manual corrections and demonstrate proper use of language, etc. Your file should of course be complete. Better to double-check! Many companies expect the cover letter to be “informative” and the same goes for us. By this we mean a letter describing your reasons for applying, why you are interested in a particular job at Munich Re and what you have to offer ...

It is all about finding the right tone and not making yourself sound better or worse than you are. We call it “authentic application writing”. Writing something like “I always wanted to learn this trade and I am very interested in numbers” is not particularly helpful if a look at the marks you obtained in maths in your report shows that they are merely average to poor. In such case, it would be best if you explained why you consider yourself suitable for the job.

Try to phrase your letter in a way that an outsider will enjoy reading it or finds it interesting. The best way to achieve a change of perspective is by getting a good friend, your parents or teacher to read the letter and ask them: “Does this letter describe me in an interesting manner?” You should sign both the completed letter and your curriculum vitae.

You do not need to prepare for the written exam. Make sure you get enough sleep the night before and take an optimistic approach. You will not be expected to do anything superhuman.

However, you should of course prepare for the interview. It is important that you look up information on Munich Re online, read the papers and be well aware of why you want to learn the trade and wish to do so at Munich Re. Your appearance should be in keeping with the company’s image, without abandoning your own personality. There are attractive business clothes for both you and your age.

The main criteria for applying successfully at a glance

  • Do your documents comply with all formal criteria?
  • Are the documents complete?
  • Is the letter correct?
    (Is the spelling correct? Is the address correct? Is the salutation correct? Have I used the right term and correct job designation?)
  • Is the letter interesting, authentic and meaningful?
  • Has someone proofread the application?

And for a successful interview

  • What kind of impression do I wish to make?
  • Is my attire and appearance in line with the company standards?
  • Have I collected information about Munich Re and the job profile?
  • What questions do I want to ask about Munich Re and the job?
    (You may write your questions down and bring them with you to the interview.)

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