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Lateral career entry for engineers - Munich Re

"I insure the latest state-of-the-art technology"

Bernhard Müller joined our Engineering-Pool, which we offer for lateral entry engineers, as an engineer with professional experience. Today he evaluates risks of large-scale international projects in the reinsurance business.

“The wide range of tasks and contacts to clients around the world are what fascinates me about the reinsurance business. As a mechanical engineer specialising in energy technology, I had already overseen large-scale industrial projects, primarily thermal power plants. As a consultant at RWE, I was in charge of new power plant construction projects, which familiarised me with the topics I deal with in my current work. This career change attracted me because of the possibility of even more international work and the chance to oversee a complete array of technically challenging projects. That’s what led me to Munich Re.

“Here, I evaluate complex risks associated with the construction and operation of conventional power plants. We develop realistic loss models as a team and then negotiate the insurance conditions with our clients and brokers. The continual exchange of ideas and conference visits keeps us up-to-date on the latest technical advancements. For me, the Engineering Pool offered the perfect point of entry for becoming familiar with the unique correlations within the reinsurance business. In the programme, engineers work through various stations in underwriting and claims settlement, but also in the strategic central divisions. This also includes a two-month foreign assignment, which corresponded completely with my wish for international work. After my time in the pool, I was able to continue on my career path overseas at a location known for its effective training offerings: Princeton.”

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