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Underwriter - Munich Re

"An underwriter has to find answers to many questions"

Dr Amelie von Oefele works as an underwriter and serves French insurers with a global alignment.

“While completing my PhD at a leading globally-active primary insurer, I came into contact with numerous insurance companies – among them Munich Re, which I only knew from its name at the time. Their competence and not lastly their first-class reputation attracted my curiosity in the company – and rightfully so. Today, I serve French insurers with a global presence and advise them on a wide variety of topics. Our ongoing goal is to optimise existing reinsurances and find new solutions.

“To achieve this, I evaluate the client’s portfolio according to quantitative and qualitative criteria and devise treaty conditions which satisfy the needs of both sides. This work often requires me to conduct intense and sometimes controversial negotiations. This interaction with the client, in addition to the many intellectual challenges, is what makes my profession so appealing and personable.

“That is the exciting part of what I do and what makes the world of reinsurance so fascinating: an underwriter is often confronted with questions from a wide range of fields relating to legal, technical or societal matters. It is also worthwhile because we do our part together with our clients to make the risks encountered in the world a little more manageable.”

So many challenges

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