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Risk Manager - Munich Re

"I keep track of our risk"

Ramona Leichtle calculates the risk of the entire Munich Re Group and further develops mathematical models and methods as a risk manager.

“After earning my degree in mathematical finance, I had already worked as an underwriter at the reinsurance company Swiss Re so I was very familiar with the sector. In my search for further development possibilities in another area, I came upon risk management. As a risk manager, my tasks include managing the internal risk model for the entire Munich Re Group. In the process, I calculate how much equity Munich Re (Group) needs to cover all potential liabilities that could result from claims. These risk capital figures are required for internal and external reporting, but also as input for corporate management. Corporate underwriting also uses these figures as a basis for issuing specifications regarding price components to the operational underwriting units.

“Our work in an international environment and the wide range of topics we encounter in our day-to-day work are what fascinate me about the reinsurance business. Many different personalities with their respective areas of interest come together here to work hand in hand. We also deal with large-scale occurrences in our day-to-day work, which are reported on in the news.”

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