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Medical Consultant - Munich Re

"Early prognosis is decisive"

Dr Andreas Armuss deals with the curative concerns of our insurance solutions as medical consultant.

“After working as a doctor in a hospital for some time, I was looking for a change: I wanted to gather experience in the competitive economy. I learned about Munich Re in an advertisement in a medical journal. Medical underwriting gives me the opportunity to directly apply my expertise in everyday business. I develop guidelines used in the assessment of life insurance products and present different insurance-medicine topics at seminars and congresses – a task full of variety that combines analysis in an office setting and medical statistics methods with travelling and contact to clients.

“Of course, my know-how is also utilised in the development of new insurance products, which is why being completely up-to-date on medical advancements is imperative. This means that I continually learn new things as a medical professional and also have the possibility of developing my expertise in my original field of work in addition to my reinsurance expertise. New medical developments must also be accounted for in statements containing predictions. This is the exciting part of the reinsurance business: your work is always in pace with the times, you must combine your expertise with consulting competence and collaborate in a team that continually pushes itself to higher levels based on the numerous special fields of its members.”

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