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Client Manager - Munich Re

"I understand the clients and they understand me"

Joachim Mathe completed the graduate trainee programme as well as the fuel programme. Today, he works as the CEO of our branch in Madrid.

“I discovered my passion for the world of risks working as a banker in credit analysis, and took the chance and made the move to reinsurance where I have since gathered experience as graduate trainee, underwriter, executive assistant and client manager. My tasks include expanding our customer base, developing and deploying market and client strategies, the professional and disciplinary guidance of my team and much more.

“The essence of my work lies in assessing all aspects of the situation facing my clients and going through all plausible scenarios in advance. After all, insurance comes down to statistics in the end and the more accurately we are able to determine the probability and nature of a claim, the more we can tailor the products and services we offer. This also lets us help our clients to avoid risks more effectively.

“Teamwork is an absolutely crucial aspect of this process as no one is capable of drawing up the right forecasts alone. Nor can a single company grasp all risks on its own. That’s why we work across departments with accounting, claims, underwriting and other colleagues on individual cases depending on the task at hand. One thing is certain: every client is unique and every analysis challenges us to apply our experience in a long-term context.”

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