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Claims Manager - Munich Re

"I read about my work in the daily paper"

Michael Gibbons serves clients as a claims manager in the claims department.

“I regularly experience the global presence of Munich Re up close: large-scale events such as hurricanes, earthquakes, big fires or an explosion that I saw in the evening news, are often on my desk the next morning. Dealing with events of this magnitude offers me an exciting and complex work on a regular basis. In my work, I do my part to effectively settle claims so that rebuilding can begin quickly. This is the appeal of reinsurance: the diverse range of tasks I handle makes every day at work unique and leaves little room for boredom or routine.

“This is the challenge I was looking for as an associate in a large law firm – the chance to be immersed in the global business activities of the largest reinsurer. Today, I continually interact with underwriters and client managers and discuss the aspects of risks and claims settlement. My work also includes visiting and surveying loss locations in order to negotiate the measures needed to settle the claims with the client directly on location. The international alignment and strong market position of Munich Re already caught my attention when I clicked on the online job advertisement. My fascination still remains as the clients I serve are located around the world.”

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