Work-life balance

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Work-Life balance - Munich Re

Work-life balance

With us, family and career are not polar opposites. We offer a framework that allows for individual part-time and home office solutions to add more balance to your career. We are always there to offer you support in personal matters. The examples provided here mainly concern our Munich office.

Working time models

Our flexible regulation for working hours provides the conditions necessary so that you can take greater charge of planning your own working hours. We can individually configure part-time models. Agreeing to a fixed number of work days is just as possible as defining weekly working hours, which can be performed in a flexible manner as coordinated with one's superior. Thanks to modern technology, you also have the possibility of telecommuting and performing part of your work from home.

Balancing family and career

For us, balancing family and career is not an empty phrase, but a central pillar of our corporate culture as part of the works agreement: we support and advise you before your parental leave begins and up to your return, help you find childcare facilities and care for family members.

If you return from parental leave within a year, we guarantee you the same position as before, even for part-time work. You of course are welcome to pursue further training during this time as well.

Is professional childcare you can count on important to you? The parental initiative “Munich Giants”, a day care, kindergarten and child care centre for children up to 12 years, is located right next to our head office in Munich. We also offer spots in various Munich care facilities and offer you financial support if you select an alternative day care facility. Of course, we are happy to help you find suitable facilities together with our family service.

But caring for one's family obviously doesn't just mean raising children. Our family service also offers you in-depth consultations for elderly care concerns. If an acute need for care arises in your family, we grant you leave of up to 10 work days. If your family members require long-term care, we can also grant you leave of up to six months.

Healthcare and consultation

Health is our most precious asset. That's why we promote your health with our company-wide programme “Fit im Beruf” (Fit on the Job). A regular free-of-charge health check-up, an in-house medical practice and preventative measures including a free-of-charge flu vaccination are but a few examples of the benefits you can choose from.

We also offer workshops on stress management, seminars covering health topics and preventative exams to support you during everyday work. Most important of all: we talk to one another and advise you individually so that you are able to reach your personal goals, stay fit and successfully manage both tension and conflicts.

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