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We are convinced that performance-based remuneration that corresponds to your capacities and attractive benefits are key components of a fair and motivating corporate culture.

This means your performance isn't just rewarded with appreciation and development opportunities. It is also appropriately remunerated. We also offer you fringe benefits and employee advantages, which support you in every phase of your life.


At Munich Re, carefully attuned salary components form an overall project, which emphasise our dedication to creating a performance-related, value-based corporate culture.

In addition to the basic salary, you are paid performance-based remuneration. This is supplemented by bonuses and extra payments like the annual bonus that depends on corporate performance. If performance targets are reached, it is paid annually to all staff, from management board members through to employees with collective bargaining agreements, according to the same formula.

Fringe benefits

Munich Re voluntarily offers numerous fringe benefits in addition to the salary. They are part of the overall remuneration concept and also embody our corporate culture. Saving for retirement is a significant part of one's professional activities and at the same time, one of our most important fringe benefits. Our company pension plan makes sure you are on the safe side. It consists of a company pension, supplementary defined benefits for non-pay-scale and senior executive employees and the chance to acquire defined benefits through deferred compensation.

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