Further training and development opportunities

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Further training and developement opportunities - Munich Re

Further training and development opportunities

Competence and its cultivation is not an end in itself. After all, the competence of our employees is essential to our success on the market and is of vital importance to us. It determines how we present ourselves to our clients and applicants. It sets us apart from the competition and drives us to develop new and better solutions. Our learning concept SHIFT focuses on transferring learning results onto the job. For this best-in-class concept we have been awarded the excellence label of the German Education Award (Deutscher Bildungspreis) in 2013. This shows that we are prepared to invest a considerable amount in creating and fostering the competence of our employees. In return, we expect that our employees utilise their know-how to help the company reach its goals and share their knowledge with colleagues.

Integration and mentor programme

Getting off to a good start is crucial. This is all the more true in the reinsurance business with its complex set of requirements. Requirements that can only be learned through practice. We help you get off to a perfect start with a comprehensive familiarisation programme from the very beginning.

A mentor will accompany you during this time and share his or her experiences with you. You can also quickly make new contacts at our introductory events and get to know the company and its employees on a personal level.

Special training sessions for creating the required technical, methodical and social competences prepare you for your tasks and provide you with the necessary insight into the reinsurance business.

We also organise informational visits to different departments and invite you to subsidiaries and partnered companies both nationally and internationally as necessary.

Further education

We support you in your professional development with numerous opportunities for further education. We also expend substantial personnel and monetary resources to provide you with courses, seminars specific to your field as well as foreign language training courses, which get you ahead in your career and consequently contribute to the company's success.

For instance, we counted a total of 14,352 further training days at our Munich office alone in 2012 covering topics from management development to training and further training for specific professional fields. For us, further training doesn't just mean seminar learning. Our further training experts have used combined learning forms for years with great success. They consist of self-learning phases (e.g. using e-learning modules), in-class units and transfer measures. These learning forms ensure that the material learned can be applied to a much greater extent and as a result, significantly increase the on-the job utility of the learnings. This special focus on learning transfer and sustainable learning has impressed the jury of the German Education Award (Deutscher Bildungspreis); thus Munich Re was awarded the excellence label for best-in-class further education. However, further training may also mean refining new solutions in a work group or in connection with specific objectives, managing professional groups formed across departments and networking with experts within and outside of the company.

Everything that develops your competence further is welcome as long as it contributes to finding even better solutions. We of course also support further training measures planned over a prolonged period of time such as part-time study programmes or certified training programmes. Actuary training is a prime example of this.

Performance management

Defining individual objectives, evaluating performance and developing prospects for the further course of a career – that is what our worldwide performance management process does. In performance management, your goals are clearly defined, evaluated by management and your performance is rewarded financially. Your goals always coincide with business targets, meaning that you are also working towards the success of the whole.

What makes the process so unique? Open communication and objective feedback – what better way to cultivate your competences?

Performance and development are the product of our corporate culture, which is defined by fairness and transparency. Performance management applies these values in direct dialogue – a basis for many instruments used in personnel development, with which we strategically support you.

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