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What we do

What happens if the sea level rises by one metre? How do offshore wind farms affect risks in the shipping business? How will an increase in life expectancy to 90 years of age in the future affect health and life insurance?

For Munich Re, the question is not whether we tackle these and other great challenges but how – how we network and deploy our knowledge and our interdisciplinary skills to develop future-oriented solutions for clients around the world. Making tomorrow’s world insurable today is the aim, which has been our mission for around 130 years.

As one of the world's leading reinsurers, we develop sustainable solutions for the risks of today and tomorrow. With income from reinsurance premiums alone at nearly €27.8bn (2013), we are a sought-after partner, especially when it comes to offering solutions for complex projects and forward-looking technologies. After all, the global expertise of our nearly 11,000 employees working in our reinsurance division is unparalleled. Our customers are aware of just that, which is why they regularly give our service top marks.

Our hallmark: solutions-oriented approach, reliability, fascination and future-oriented approach. Our guiding principle is quality before quantity. We discuss and listen because that means we can adapt to new risks and develop the products that fit the bill. Our entrepreneurial passion for seeing change as opportunity and never standing still has made us an industry frontrunner. We analyse risks and develop holistic solutions for the whole spectrum of reinsurance, from natural catastrophe perils and large construction projects to third-party liabilities, personal injury cases and many other risks. We devise innovative covers for space flight and alternative energies, render mega-events like the World Cup insurable, conduct in-depth geoscientific research, and assume a pioneering role in addressing many other challenges facing the world of tomorrow.

Munich Re’s services range from traditional reinsurance, comprehensive services and consulting to complex risk solutions, covering the entire value chain of the global insurance industry in life insurance (life) as well as in property and liability insurance (non-life) business. As a strong and competent financial partner, we support our clients in resolving all balance sheet management issues. In primary insurance, we also provide a vast offering for industrial and major clients.

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