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Imagine a client requests insurance for the construction of a skyscraper in an earthquake prone region. Or the freight of a tanker that has to pass through waters with the threat of pirates. This is where you come into play as an underwriter because regardless whether the facts concern political background, shifting of tectonic plates or whether the knowledge of a civil engineer or a mathematician is needed: the underwriter collects all necessary information for the specific case and draws up a tailored insurance solution. Your suspicions are correct – right up to signing.

Four pillars build a solid foundation here: as an underwriter, you assess the risk of original policies (actuarial analysis), draw up and analyse contractual texts (legal assessment) in agreement with the client before contracts are signed, develop strategies how we can better offer insurance products to our customers (business-management expertise) and calculate prices for reinsurance coverage (insurance mathematics). When implementing optimal solutions, you take advantage of our knowledge, which has developed over many years, and have access to the work results of our various expert teams.

With this know-how, you develop products that account for the respective risks and needs of our clients, products that promise long-term profitability for Munich Re with pricing commensurate to the risk and a clearly defined cover.

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