Requisite qualifications

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Requisite qualifications - Munich Re

Requisite qualifications

What we are looking for: professional qualifications.

Our knowledge lead defines the quality of our risk assessments. Our experts with a wide range of qualifications work towards increasing our lead even further. Together, we form a global knowledge network that makes it possible to assess risks, contain damages in order to make the future a bit more secure.

Mathematicians and statisticians

Help us answer questions about the future of our world! As a mathematician, you find the right mathematical methods to accomplish this. You analyse all available data, determine the probability of a risk occurring including the corresponding premium and make precise assessments based on this information. What risks are airliners operating in Latin America or container ships in the Indian Ocean faced with? What damages can be anticipated during football championships?

You find the answers to these questions and others in our unique working environment, which is driven by the know-how of our employees and where mathematicians from around the world interact with one another. You develop mathematical models that reflect risks as accurately as possible. The results of your work are, for example, integrated in the software of our IT specialists for the benefit of our customers and employees.

As a knowledge broker, your skills are also needed in underwriting. The increasing complexity of contractual structures, IT programmes and legal frameworks – the key word here: Solvency II – makes mathematical knowledge so significant. For this reason, our mathematicians are skilled communicators, have an excellent command of foreign languages so that they reach their audience wherever they are. As a result, application areas are broadly diversified: from underwriting to IT, from pricing to risk management, controlling and accounting.


The highest level of cost effectiveness within a tightly networked international business: this exciting task awaits you as an economist. A task that presents numerous possibilities and as a result, offers plenty of opportunities.

As a client manager or underwriter, you develop complex insurance solutions as you serve high-profile, international customers! At the same time, you are responsible for a specific region or work in a special area such as credit risk or aviation.

Whatever interests you have – we offer you tasks that help you grow. Of course, Munich Re also employs economists in traditional fields such as controlling, accounting, finance, strategy and human resources.


Every question we address is of legal relevance: we offer lawyers special challenges, particularly in the field of underwriting and claims management.

In underwriting, a large number of questions must be clearly defined: for instance, does product liability cover product defects, consequential loss or both? Are stockbrokers liable for the success of their investment counselling? As a lawyer, you will also encounter situations, which have hardly been dealt with in established legal practice. This particularly applies to the formulation of reinsurance contracts, which must also include a risk assessment that accounts for the entire risk environment in addition to proper wording. For instance, the question as to which venue has jurisdiction.

You assess the risk to be insured based on all available data then closely collaborate with our actuaries to determine or negotiate the required premium and define the type of reinsurance and conditions of insurance. In so doing, you provide a profound legal basis for large projects in the future.

As a claims lawyer, you work closely with clients around the world. You initiate, plan, realise and control claims service products developed for special requirements and advise clients on location in order to weigh risks in advance. If a claim arises, you quickly settle it – after all, that's what our clients count on. You determine whether the claim is justified, also through site inspections and evaluate the resulting compensation entitlement. As an expert, you are also an important partner when it comes to finding solutions to minimise losses. Finally, you provide counsel to the heads of the respective claims department and recommend solutions based on our policy that are fair for all parties involved.


Evaluating risks in industry and the economy is a demanding job for engineers, especially in underwriting and claims management. For instance, you analyse the potential reinsurance of petrochemical plants, power plants, dams, tunnels, underground railways and high-rise buildings. In your task, you are responsible for complete insurance of the projects implemented and assess the risk. You prepare offers, analyse queries regarding large engineering risks and negotiate the prices for the coverage.

In the claims department, you evaluate claims according to engineering, business management and actuarial criteria. In addition, you advise clients and contribute your findings for loss prevention and minimisation. Of course, you also conduct on-site inspections of facilities, determine the actual loss in the event of a claim, negotiate with clients regarding their demands and provide recommendations for consideration in future. Your knowledge and experience also benefits our underwriters. After all, you share your wealth of experience internally so that it can be accounted for in subsequent policies.

As a result, you create the perfect basis for tailored insurance solutions and secure projects.

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