Careers in the central divisions

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Careers in the central divisions - Munich Re

Careers in the central divisions

Reinsurance fascinates you, but you prefer a career in our central divisions along with your requisite training – in controlling, accounting, investment, corporate communication or human resources? Visit our job market to view the respective job profiles in our divisions. We are presenting some of our job profiles below.

Asset liability management
Here, we optimise the asset liability structure of our corporate group including investment and liquidity planning. This provides the basis for the asset management operations of our subsidiary, MEAG.

Correctly posting payment flows and having the right figures for reporting are of essential importance for every company. Our accounting department also ensures that customers are promptly compensated during the claims process and prepares forecasts for payment transactions.

Figures are not just important when it comes to assessing the risks of large-scale projects. They are of course also important when it comes to managing one's own company. To achieve this, our controlling department always keeps an eye on decisive value drivers and through corresponding analysis, derives measures for optimisation.

A global knowledge network, including the largest database for natural disasters and more, requires a solid technical infrastructure and applications for putting it at the fingertips of our experts. This is the challenging task of our IT department.

Human resources
How can one ensure that a company has the right employees with the right qualifications available at all times? Especially if this is a company that takes on yet-unknown and unpredictable challenges? Our human resources department makes it possible.

Corporate strategy
This is where the strategy for our entire Group and individual fields of business is developed based on the monitoring and analysis of economic developments and their consequences for Munich Re. Together with our corporate responsibility department, it is also responsible for our social commitment.

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