Corporate responsibility

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Corporate responsibility

We operate in a highly dynamic global environment, in which not only natural catastrophes, but also complex, ever-changing new risks, produce high losses. With our targeted measures and efficient solutions, we anticipate and reduce losses, promote the use of sustainable technologies and services, and provide new client groups with first-time access to insurance protection in order to remedy damage incurred as quickly as possible.


Acting in a far-sighted and responsible manner as part of a modern shared-value approach is at the heart of our Group-wide corporate responsibility strategy, which constitutes an integral part of Munich Re's Group strategy: for the benefit of both our Company – and society as a whole.


Our strategy focuses on three central challenges of particular significance for our Group, our clients and society:

1.     Combating the effects of climate change

2.     Improving access to healthcare

3.     Enhancing the risk awareness of all stakeholders

We are continuously extending both our ambitions and our performance with regard to our corporate responsibility. Our new shared-value approach, which helps us find better answers to the challenges that arise, is the next stage of evolution in this regard.

Visit our corporate responsibility portal to find out about our activities.

Corporate responsibility portal

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