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Frequently Asked Questions (Applications submitted via Lumesse TalentLink)

How can I apply for a job?

To ensure the rapid processing of your application, please submit it online using the "Apply" button in the job advertisement. The application procedure should take a maximum of 5 minutes, if all relevant documents are available.

I’ve applied before to a position based at Munich Re, Munich. How can I re-use my previous application?

Until November 2017 applicants to Munich Re, Munich could create a candidate homepage within Lumesse TalentLink to store previous applications and re-use them for future applications. After November 2017, you can access previous applications in the application dialogue itself by clicking “re-use previous” application. The system will send a link to your previously used email address for verification.

What documents do I need for an application?

To send your application you need at least two prepared files: a structured CV, a document with further annexes (e.g. letters of reference) and for some positions also a cover letter.

Please note, that no file can be uploaded larger than 5 MB. If you want to upload more than 3 files, you can upload 2 more files with a maximum of 5 MB.

Can I download my application to archive it for my own purposes?

No, we regret that this is not possible. However, you can re-use data from previous applications within the data storage period (see question 2).

Can I save my application temporarily?

Yes, just click on the “save” icon in the application form. The system will send a unique link via email. The link will bring you back in the application dialogue including the data entered until then.

How can I update my data, CV or cover letter?

After having submitted your application to Munich Re, you can’t change them anymore. If you want to withdraw your application, please refer to the contact person named in the job posting or eRecruiting@munichre.com (all locations excl. Munich Re, Munich, US P&C Ops).

You can change cover letter or CV with your next application. To do so, remove the file in the process step "Cover letter" or "CV" and then upload the new version of the document.

How can I retract my application?

See question 6

Why is my data deleted after six months (3 years for applications to Munich Re US Life/Canada)?

For data protection reasons, all application data are deleted as soon as the purpose of the application procedure has been fulfilled. The six-month (for US Life/Canada: 3 years) period begins when the application procedure ends. If you have applied for more than one job, the period begins by the end of the last application process.

Is there an address for questions or suggestions?

For feedback to our applicant tracking system, feel free to refer to eRecruiting@munichre.com.

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