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Introducing the improved, user-centric Munich Re website

The new munichre.com has been redesigned from the ground up, improving the user experience and presenting our solutions in a more relevant, engaging way.
Fast, simple and convenient – that’s the new digital standard everybody expects. And it was also the guiding principle behind the relaunch of our corporate website. The new munichre.com brings together a fresh design and easily digestible information, providing a vastly improved experience for the user.
Joachim Wenning
Munich Re
Chairman of the Board of Management

A new design: simple to use, easy to navigate

The new website balances form and function. Drawing inspiration directly from the brand, it blends the reliable, serious, precise nature of the reinsurance and insurance sector represented in clear, simple-to-use layouts. The curiosity and liveliness at the heart of our mission is represented on the site in vivid colours and dynamic animations.

Welcome home: everything in its place

The new home gives a succinct overview of the company and its businesses at a single glance, allowing a speedy navigation through the sites. Clients, investors and jobseekers can all get quick, easy access to the topics that matter the most.

A solution for every risk: making insurance client-centric

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The new site splits our core business into two sections risk and solutions.


The ‘risks’ section details Munich Re’s knowledge about the world of insurance. The new website emphasises the business’ expertise, highlighting the risks companies, organisations and individuals face in a simple, easy to understand design.




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The ‘solutions’ section addresses the risks highlighted in the previous section, offering a comprehensive rundown of Munich Re’s products and services. The website’s structure and search function makes pages easy to find.

Making contact: putting experts front and centre

We want you to be able to get in touch with us as quickly as possible - experts and contacts are prominently displayed on the site. Contact info is clearly highlighted on each page, so the most relevant topic expert is only a few clicks away.

Finding inspiration: shining light on new topics

Dig deeper into topics and get a 360° perspective on the things that matter most. Offering an empowering glimpse into a particular topic, this section contains articles, statistics, downloads, job openings and more. Heavily featured on the ‘solutions’ page, these sections will give context on issues, showing how risks and solutions are interlinked, as well as highlighting products and services that Munich Re offers.

Work that works: the employee’s perspective

Get immersed in to the day-to-day at Munich Re. Explore different careers - from traditional roles like underwriting, to growing areas of expertise such as cyber, IoT, IT and analytics. Gain a deeper understanding of how these roles contribute to shaping the reinsurance and insurance market.

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