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“We want to do more with our knowledge"

The shifting demands of primary insurance and reinsurance, increasingly complex risk scenarios and emergence of new risks are having a significant impact on the role reinsurers play. In response to these developments, Munich Re deploys its extensive risk knowledge to develop solutions that help our clients meet the difficult challenges they face in today’s world.

Munich Re sees itself today more than ever as a premium reinsurer, with products, solutions and services that support our clients along the whole value chain. This business model is based on three fundamental pillars:

In line with our traditional value proposition, we offer first-class, dependable security and high treaty capacities.

In addition, we support our reinsurance clients by addressing complex, new or changing risks and by structuring reinsurance as a means of capital optimisation and capital relief.

And finally, we are also growth and know-how partners for our clients, providing them with new ideas and products for their expansion and modernisation projects. With our far-reaching knowledge of risks, high level of expertise and proven track record in risk management, we are positioned as an all-round provider in the field of risk assumption and risk transfer and as the first choice for all matters connected with the world of risk. Our special know-how enables us to seek out and develop new and profitable business fields.

We want to achieve sustained profitable growth
Short-term thinking is not the way to attain long-term success. Instead, Munich Re aims for growth that is both profitable and sustainable. We do not write risks at just any price: they have to add lasting value for our clients, shareholders and staff. This credo has shaped Munich Re’s history like no other. We have the risk management knowledge necessary to counter the constant stream of new challenges with solutions that are as dependable as they are profitable.

Local specialists
Successful innovations are usually developed to meet a specific need. Munich Re knows the special local requirements of its clients. Our specialists on all continents throughout the world ensure our local knowledge is always up to date and accurate. We have a regional presence, international network and unique knowledge that can quickly and effectively be translated into ideal solutions for our clients.

Competitive advantage through knowledge
Munich Re systematically hones its knowledge edge and thus constantly improves the quality of its risk assessments. The key to this is the global Munich Re knowledge network. We employ experts from virtually every field of research and pool our knowledge in special centres of competence. Furthermore, we have established networks with the specialists of leading scientific institutes worldwide. This enables us to identify market trends at an early stage and push back the boundaries of insurability with innovative products.

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