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Non-Life reinsurance

Our range of services

From casualty and property to special fields such as marine and aviation, we work hard to ensure our clients’ success by offering reinsurance solutions, analysis and consulting services as well as software tools that are vital to their business. Apart from the tailored solutions we provide, the main reasons clients turn to Munich Re are our global expertise, financial strength and reliability.

In times of constant change, increasingly complex risk models and growing demands from the capital markets, our clients expect more than just traditional reinsurance. This is why we adopt a holistic approach by assessing our clients’ situation across the whole value chain. Any time our clients need our support, we are there to assist them in maximising their competitiveness.

This applies at product level, for example, with regard to aspects such as product design and pricing. By offering tailor-made solutions, we are able to help meet growing capital management requirements. Our financial strength plays a key role here, enabling us to carry even large risks, thus providing our clients with capital relief.

Customised services and professional consultancy are our top priority With our risk management and pricing tools, seminars, workshops and publications, we share our risk expertise with our clients and provide them with support. By drawing on our expertise, clients are always in a position to respond quickly to changes, enabling them to succeed in a keenly competitive environment. Our clients appreciate our commitment, financial strength and reliability.

A selection from our product and service range

Capital market solutions

By expanding its traditional reinsurance programmes to include alternative risk transfer structures, Munich Re can offer its clients access to the capital markets.


The growing use of information technology (IT) in society and industry has major repercussions for everyday life. The resultant hazards for companies will be difficult to assess.

Financial Lines

The fast-moving business world involves complex financial liability issues: globally operating entities in particular are exposed to potential liability claims from a long list of different stakeholders.

Financial Risks

Helping clients using the integrated risk management approach: facilitating financial risk covers and using the capital markets for (re)insurance needs.


With more than 30,000 entries, our NatCatSERVICE is one of the world’s most-referenced databases for natural catastrophes. Every year, 1,000 loss events are recorded and analysed.


Munich Re has now pooled its unparalleled services for identifying and assessing complex natural hazard risks in the NATHAN.


As one of the pioneers of aviation insurance, Munich Re has been on the forefront of providing insurance solutions to the Aviation industry since the beginning of commercial air transport.


The applications of modern satellites are becoming increasingly complex and sophisticated, the projects ever more technically and commercially demanding. With its tailor-made insurance solutions, Munich Re helps to promote an entrepreneurial and innovative approach in the ambitious aerospace industry.

Touch Engineering Trailer

Our new information portal presents our experts and solutions, using selected examples of major projects. Get to know our range of services in the engineering lines.

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