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ERGO – International

ERGO Group AG is represented in over 30 countries in Europe and Asia. In recent years, its international operations have become an important pillar of its business, offering huge growth potential.

International companies contribute more than a quarter of ERGO Group’s total premium income. Its activities in international markets are its most dynamic growth field. In pursuit of a sustainable growth trajectory, ERGO builds on the strengths of the Group: its wealth of multi-line expertise, wide variety of sales channels and experience with local partnerships.

Focus on Europe and Asia
ERGO is focusing its international expansion on markets that are expected to witness high growth rates in the medium to long term, including in particular eastern and southern Europe, China, India and other selected countries in Asia.

ERGO in international markets
ERGO is represented in most European countries. One of its largest companies is ERGO Hestia – one of the top names in insurance in Poland. In Turkey, ERGO actively markets products for all lines of business under its own brand. In the Baltic states, various Group companies under the ERGO brand have successful operations in property, life and health insurance. The companies have uniform management in all three Baltic states. In India, ERGO has launched the successful HDFC ERGO joint venture in property insurance.

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