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Pimary Insurance Strategy - Munich Re

ERGO – First choice for clients, sales, partners, staff and shareholders

ERGO is seeking to expand its business activities in both Europe and Asia. Its declared aim is to be one of the leading European insurance groups in terms of quality, profitability and client satisfaction.

ERGO has set itself ambitious goals for the future. Far-sightedness, flexibility and openness are key to achieving its aim of acquiring new clients in Germany, Europe and Asia. The conditions for its planned growth are good: ERGO offers excellent products and sales channels for every target group and market. Clients’ changing demands in the future will generate the need for new products and services that extend far beyond the realms of traditional insurance. ERGO’s tremendous market experience will help it establish itself in new markets. In spite of its experience, ERGO still devotes a lot of time and effort to analysing each market carefully in order to respond to local needs. This is achieved by means of a network of highly professional group-wide IT systems and processes that ensure speed, quality of service and cost-efficiency.

ERGO’s strategy is already paying dividends in many eastern European markets and is currently stepping up its activities in bancassurance. The group also enjoys success in property insurance in India with the joint-venture partner HDFC, in China ERGO is launching the start-up of a life insurance joint venture. It is also currently analysing business further business opportunities in Southeast Asia. All in all, ERGO hopes to significantly increase its share of foreign premium income in the future.

Target brand: Leading position
ERGO seeks to firmly establish itself in the top group of international insurers within just a few years and be one of the leading players in terms of profitability and client satisfaction. ERGO wants to become even better. And becoming even better means devoting time and effort to clients, markets and partners. With a firm footing in many markets, ERGO will continue to grow internationally and domestically and achieve profitable growth in the long term.

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