Ratings of Subsidiaries

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Ratings and Solvency

Insurance financial strength ratings of Munich Re’s subsidiaries

Subsidiary of reinsurance group

  A.M. Best Fitch Moody's S&P
American Alternative Insurance Corporation A+     AA-
American Modern Insurance Group A+      
Digital Partners A+      
Great Lakes Insurance SE A+     AA-
Munich American Reassurance Company A+     AA-
Munich Reinsurance America A+ AA Aa3 AA-
Munich Re America Corporation (counterparty credit rating)   a     A-
Munich Reinsurance Company of Africa Ltd.1       A-
Munich Reinsurance Company of Australasia Ltd.       AA-
Munich Reinsurance Company of Canada A+     AA-
Munich Re of Bermuda, Ltd. A+     AA-
Munich Re of Malta p.l.c.       AA-
Munich Re Trading LLC       A+
New Reinsurance Company Ltd. A+     AA-
The Hartford Steam Boiler Group A++ AA    
The Princeton Excess and Surplus Lines Insurance Company A+     AA-
Temple Insurance Company A+     A+
1Munich Reinsurance Company of Africa Ltd. (“MRoA”) benefits from a parental guarantee issued by Münchener Rückversicherungs-Gesellschaft Aktiengesellschaft in München (the “Guarantor”). The guarantee covers all of the payment obligations under the reinsurance contracts issued by MRoA. The guarantee is unconditional and continuing and shall be binding upon the Guarantor. The owners of the reinsurance contracts issued by MRoA are express third party beneficiaries of this guarantee. The obligations of the Guarantor under these guarantee ranks pari passu with all other unsecured indebtedness of the Guarantor.

Subsidiary of primary insurance group

  A.M. Best Fitch Moody's S&P
D.A.S. Legal Expenses Insurance Company Limited (Great Britain)       A+
D.A.S. Rechtsschutz AG (Austria)       A
DKV Deutsche Krankenversicherung AG   AA   AA-
ERGO Insurance Pte. Ltd.  (Singapore) B++      
ERGO Versicherung AG       AA-
ERGO Group AG (counterparty credit rating)   AA-   A
ERGO Reiseversicherung AG   AA    
Europaeiske Rejseforsikring A/S (Denmark)   A+    
ERGO Vorsorge Lebensversicherung AG   AA    

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Detailed information on the rating of individual Munich Re Group companies as well as general rating categories can be found on the websites of the rating agencies:

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