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Risk management is our strength


Focus on the future

Focus on the future

Climate change is a major concern of the insurance industry. We are actively involved in the public debate and provide solutions offering new perspectives.

Where do the risks of tomorrow lurk?

We may well not encounter emerging risks until several years have elapsed. But the question is when exactly and with what intensity? Munich Re is investigating the risks of tomorrow with a mix of profound curiosity, creativity and professional risk management.

Corporate Art

Corporate Art - Munich Re

Art and Munich Re

For more than 130 years, the focus of the Munich Re Art Collection has been on contemporary art. A selection of works by international artists is an invitation to challenge conventional views, established perceptions and personal perspectives.


The members of our governing bodies

Corporate Responsibility

Corporate Responsibility Portal - Munich Re

Our Corporate Responsibility report explains how we apply the principle of sustainability in practice.

Munich Re Foundation

From Knowledge to Action: The foundation effectively supports people in risk situations and helps to avoid risks.

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