Emerging Risks

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The risks of tomorrow - Munich Re

Emerging Risks

The risks of tomorrow

New technologies and changes in our society and environment present new opportunities, but also harbour new risks. In order to avoid risks and to identify business potential at an early stage, we are examining new and changing risks from every imaginable perspective.

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Emerging risks harbour dangers that are still difficult to assess at this stage. We keep a close eye on the global risk landscape so that we can identify and assess any new risks

Methodology - Munich Re


With emerging risks, it is often not possible to produce compelling evidence or demonstrate cause-effect relationships. In such a situation, it is invaluable to have the assistance of experts with many years of experience and across-the-board approach

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Emerging risks have their origins in technical developments, in the change to our climate, our society, our economy and industry.

Results - Munich Re


In tandem with the frantic pace of development of information technology , the risk of data misuse is also mushrooming. This is an emerging risk that has long been a present reality.


May 2019

CRO Forum: Update on Major Trends and Emerging Risk Radar

In addition to an update on emerging risks this report describes major trends that outline the key drivers for the emerging risk landscape.

January 2019

The heat is on – Insurability and resilience in a Changing Climate

The CRO forum paper provides a clear picture of climate change implications for the insurance industry, from an underwriting and investment perspective.

January 2018

The Global Risks Report 2018

The Global Risks Report identifies and analyzes the most pressing risks, in 2018 including the growing strain of our global systems.

November 2017

Autonomous machines

With exponential advances expected in artificial intelligence, robotics and data-supporting infrastructure, autonomous machines are set to become more and more prevalent.

October 2017

A Guide to Defining, Embedding and Managing Risk Culture

The focus of the paper is on the practical side by providing examples of good and bad elements of risk culture.

Emerging Risk Nanotechnology 

Nanotechnology covers a vast and diverse array of devices derived from engineering, biology, physics and chemistry. Experts are of the opinion that it will prove to be one of the key technologies of the 21st century.

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The emerging risk initiative was established in 2005 as part of the CRO forum. Experts from leading primary insurers and reinsurers publish studies and articles on current topics.

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